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Tork Heavy duty cleaning Cloth blue Handy Box 200/box 53027

Product Code : 530271


Price : £ 76.04   (ex VAT)

High performance none woven wiper

Dispenser System:  
Color: Blue
Print: No
length: 42 cm
width: 38 cm
Old product name: E Tork Strong
Wipes / Case:  200

Product Features:

High performance cloth-like wiper, suitable for the toughest environments. The wipers are highly absorbent with water and solvents. They are soft, strong, lint-free and can be re-used. Swarf will not pass through this tough cloth.

Has excellent strength, so it is tough enough for any job.

It is exceptionally absorbent & absorbs on contact and therefore it is excellent with oil, grease, cutting fluids and other liquids. High solvent release means lower solvent usage.

It is lint-free with solvents, i.e. it will not leave fibres behind. It is bulky, feels like a cloth, and therefore the ideal textile replacement.

It is tough with swarf or sharps, which makes it safer to use.