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Tork Napkins

Tork Products supply a complete range of Tork napkins suitable for every occasion, from a fast-food snack to fine dining.


Napkin Dispensers

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The Tork Interfold Napkin Dispensers

The Tork interfold napkin dispenser provides a simple yet effective method of controlling napkin consumption.

Tork interfold napkin dispensers are designed to give out napkins one at a time instead of in clumps, which can occur with traditional napkin dispensers.

Tork interfold napkin

Trials have shown that catering outlets can cut their napkin consumption by at least 25 per cent by switching to the Tork interfold napkin dispenser.

Tork tabletop dispensers hold up to 200 napkins and are designed for use on individual canteen tables. Tork high capacity dispensers hold 900 napkins - nearly three times the capacity of traditional napkin dispensers – which means that time spent refilling the dispensers in busy canteens is reduced.

All Tork interfold napkins have been accredited with the EU Ecolabel.

Both the tabletop and the high capacity dispenser have an a Ad-a-glance window for displaying messages to customers.

Customers can use their own advertising materials in the Ad-a-glance windows, or adapt one of more than 100 templates available from Tork