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Note: In real terms it is not possible to have a completely lint-free cloth / wipe as there will always be a small amount of particulates on any wipe. It is however possible to get a low lint wipe or cloth which is capable of meeting extremely low lint requirements.

Lint Free or (Low-Lint) Cleaning Cloth / Wipes from Tork -  

- Extremely low-lint and anti-static, and have excellent solvent-use compatibility, which lets you take care of the most critical tasks while protecting sensitive surfaces, electronics and processes

All Tork lint free or (low lint wipes) are low lint when wet. All the cloths in this range are highly absorbent, soft and low lint. All the wipes vary in there absorbent capacities, some are better with solvent , others are better with water based materials


NEW IMPROVED CLOTH TECHNOLOGY - ExcelCLEAN - improved cleaning performance
(ExcelCLEAN tests prove that with excel clean, our patented foam-spun technology you can save time, lose less solvent and spend less effort)

NEW COMPRESSION PACKS - for easy loading and storing - up to 25% reduction in size plus 15% reduction in carbon footprint.

FREE DISPENSERS - All cleaning cloths are available with free dispensers. (subject to user agreement) - For more informaation / free samples, contact our office on 0191 4018668

Tork Lint Free / Low Lint Cleaning Cloths (Wipes)


Price : £ 55.8   (ex VAT)
Product Code : (190578)

An extremely low lint cloth with anti-static properties that is ideal for use with solvent when ...

Price : £ 34.56   (ex VAT)
Product Code : (190493)

The Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth is strong and flexible, and is packaged in a protective and ...

Product Code : (90478)

Low linting cloth, ideal for dust sensitive environments, Strong material allows long ...

Product Code : (570479)

Extra durable - the strongest choice - Unique structure gives high cleaning effiency - Allows hard ...

Price : £ 33.41   (ex VAT)
Product Code : (530179)

Tough low lint white cleaning cloth

Product Code : (520679)

High performance non woven graphite cloth cloth..

Price : £ 38.1   (ex VAT)
Product Code : (510478)

White, soft,highly absorbent cloth