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Tork Foam Soap Dispenser White - with Intuition Sensor

Product Code : 561600


Price : £ 94.25   (ex VAT)

Tork Foam Soap Dispenser - with Intuition™ sensor delivers a touch free and luxurious experience.The sealed refill bottle with a single use pump enables quick and easy refilling. Another benefit with the sealed refills is that the risk of contaminating soap when refilling is eliminated, the sealed bottle also ensures original high quality Tork soap. 2500 doses of soap in a refill minimizes maintenance and LED indicators signals when it is time to refill soap or change batteries.

  • Extra high capacity, 2500 shots: Very low maintenance
  • Sealed system is hygienic and enables quick and easy refilling
  • LED lights indicates need for maintenance
  • The S4 refill fits both manual and sensor dispenser